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Peggy-Sue's Story

Your Donation Means The World To Animals Like Peggy-Sue

Your Donation Means The World To Animals Like Peggy-Sue

Help animals like Peggy-Sue

This winter we expect 10 unwanted, abused or neglected animals to come into our care each day. This is no easy task, but with your help we can ensure that all animals that come to us during this difficult time receive the best care possible. It’s thanks to your generosity and support that we are able to give them the warmth and attention they so desperately deserve this winter.

Donate now before 30 June to help rescue innocent animals like Peggy-Sue.

Peggy-Sue was found living in an overgrown backyard with no food or water. When Inspectors saw the state of Peggy-Sue they knew something needed to be done. She was extremely malnourished. Her big brown eyes exposed her desperation to be saved.

To be loved.

Peggy-Sue’s condition wasn’t just the result of many missed meals – her tiny body told the story of indifferent owners who did not think she warranted the love and care all animals require.

How could someone treat such a beautiful animal this way?

When Peggy-Sue arrived at the Weston Shelter she was immediately examined by our Veterinarian team. Our vets confirmed that she was in a severe state of neglect. Her body was frail and malnourished. It was heartbreaking to see.

Had we not been there, Peggy-Sue’s life could have ended in tragedy.

Thankfully Peggy-Sue began to receive the care she so surely needed. After months of rehabilitation and care, she was able to recover and find her new forever home.

Peggy-Sue’s previous owner was prosecuted and found guilty of failing to provide appropriate and adequate food. They were sentenced to a 12 month Good Behaviour Order and an 18-month Animal Ownership Ban.

Sadly, stories like this are all too common.

Peggy-Sue is alive because of you. We rely so heavily on financial support from local Canberrans to remain open to care for all the unwanted, abused and neglected animals we will see over the winter months. We will never be deterred from coming to the aid of animals like Peggy-Sue. But to continue this vital work we need your help.

We must raise over $150,000 before 30 June in order to continue our work and be a place for animals to turn to.

Whatever you can afford will be the much-needed help we need to ensure our doors remain open.

Donate now and help us rescue more innocent victims of cruelty and neglect, just like Peggy-Sue, this winter.