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Bailey, Momo and Enyo

Providing medical intervention and treatment often plays a crucial role in our ability to provide vulnerable and homeless animals with their second chance at true happiness.
Bailey, Momo and Enyo are just three of the thousands of animals that would not have had their happy endings without proper veterinary care. These are their stories.

When our Veterinary Team inspected Bailey for the first time, they were taken aback by the multitude of problems this dog was suffering from. The most serious of these problems was in relation to her uterus which was full of pus and had been left untreated. This would have been extremely uncomfortable and also posed a serious threat of a life-threatening infection.

Poor nutrition and a general lack of care for Bailey resulted in a serious skin condition that left her constantly itchy. This itchiness caused her to scratch her head so vigorously that it caused her ear to bleed and fill with blood. Bailey also had a number of teeth that were so rotten that they needed to be completely removed by our Veterinary Team to alleviate her pain and remove further risk of disease.

Bailey’s suffering was multifaceted and required numerous surgeries to return her to good health. This effort and hard work was rewarded when we saw Bailey’s smiling face as she met her new forever family.


While some cases require a multitude of procedures and treatments, some present just one horrific injury that requires technical and precise surgery to help save their life. This was the case for Momo.

When Momo came to the Shelter, the black and white 5-month old kitten had suffered a gruesome injury to her jaw. The fur and skin that should have been covering her chin hung off the bone, leaving her lower jaw partially exposed.

Our Veterinary Team quickly rallied and began creating a plan for how they were going to reattach the skin to her lower jaw and give her the second chance she deserved. Over the course of a number of hours they were able to reattach the skin with the use of a number of well-placed sutures that held the skin in place.

With monitoring, support and time to heal, Momo began her life as a happy and pain free cat. While Momo will forever carry the physical scars of her ordeal, she is now able to live happily forever after with her new adoring family because of this life-saving work.


Our Veterinary Team don’t just help dogs and cats, but also other animals such as Cockatoos.

When Enyo first came to the Shelter, he was so traumatised and distrusting of humans that it was days before anyone could touch or even go near him. Over time, our team was able to build up enough trust with the distressed Cockatoo to examine him.

Enyo was missing nearly all of his tail feathers and had suffered considerable bruising all over his body.

Over the following weeks, Enyo’s physical and mental well-being improved significantly, allowing him to evolve into a chatty and friendly bird. He loved head scratches and full body pats so much that he quickly learnt that lifting his wing would result in a quick rub.

After two full months in our care, Enyo made a significant recovery and started growing his tail feathers back just in time for him to go to his forever home with his new loving family.


The work of our Veterinary Clinic played a crucial role in helping all of these animals recover and find loving forever homes.

None of this would be possible without the support of people just like you. You help provide life-saving medicine. You provide our Vets with the equipment they need. Ultimately, you let us change lives.

If you can, please consider donating so we continue changing the lives of animals just like Bailey, Momo, Enyo and the thousands of animals that we see every year just like them.

We truly can't do it without you.