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In The Dog House

Do you know someone who deserves to be in the dog house?
Perhaps your boss, colleague, husband, wife, partner, best friend or a relative belongs in the dog house? Nominate them to spend some time In the Dog House and help raise much needed funds and awareness for RSPCA ACT!

Visit and get paw-ticipating today!

This year our goal is to raise $40,000. This will help keep our Inspectors on the road so they can continue to fight animal cruelty.

How do you get out of the dog house? The only way out of the dog house is by fundraising to reach your adoption target.

The adoption event will occur at our shelter in Weston, inside our kennels from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. It will be a howling good time with plenty of opportunities to have fun and fundraise to reach your adoption target, it doesn’t need to be a ruff time!

Every time an animal is adopted from our Weston Shelter the staff celebrate their ‘happily ever after’. So too we will celebrate yours!

When you reach your adoption target you get to join the ‘Adoption Party’!

The ‘Adoption Party’ is where you’ll be able to join the other participants in a special Adoption Paw-ty Kennel. Celebrate your achievement with family and friends all the while having access to a delicious food! Not only that, you will get to meet some of the wonderful animals you are supporting through your fundraising efforts.

Don't paws - get involved today:

  1. Register by clicking the 'Start Fundraising' button
  2. Fill in your details and set your adoption fee
  3. Don't fur-get to fill in your adoption profile
  4. Raise funds to reach your target to get adopted out of the dog house!

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