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Kids N' Kritters

Important Information

Please note that children who are attending two workshops in one day must be picked up in between sessions as we are unable to provide supervision during this time.

Please note that while we make every attempt to follow planned programs, there may be some days where children are unable to pat or hold animals. This is due to the nature of our shelter; many of our animals are very timid and are not ready to be handled by a group. Decisions around animal interaction are always made with the welfare of the animal as paramount. All sessions may include visits to other animals around the shelter – please let us know if there are any animals that your child is fearful of or inexperienced with.

We endeavour to keep as close to our curriculum as possible, however in the event of bad weather or not having animals suitable for the session we will alter the curriculum slightly and/or utilise staff animals. The session will still be interactive and lots of fun!

Location: 12 Kirkpatrick Street, Weston ACT 2611.

Allergy Information: Please note that while we don’t allow children to bring nuts or nut products into a KnK program, RSPCA ACT is not a nut free environment. Our dogs are sometimes given peanut butter as a treat, and this is stored in our kennels. Please advise staff if your child has a nut allergy.

Our COVID safe pick up/drop off procedure will apply – this will be detailed upon booking. If your child is at all unwell on the day of their session, please do not attend the shelter. We have adjusted our cancellation policy to allow for absences.

All our workshops for the July School Holidays are now fully booked! If you would like to be notified when the sessions for the upcoming September and October school holidays are opened, please email

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Session Information

kitten Caring for Kittens  

Did you know that over the summer, we can see thousands of kittens here at RSPCA ACT?  

Kittens are super cute, but they need special care. Come and learn about the special types of food, handling and vet care that they need, and help brighten their day with some toys and love!  


c Caring for Young Animals  

Puppies, kittens and other young animals are super cute, but need special care. Come and learn about the special types of food, handling and vet care that they need, and help out with some animal care tasks around the shelter.  


dt Dog Talk  

Dogs are fantastic, loyal companions, but it is important that we learn to read their body language to keep us, and them, safe! During this session, you will learn how to say hello to our shelter dogs in a safe and positive way, as well as when it is best to leave them alone.  


careEnrichment for Shelter Animals  

This is probably our animals’ favourite session! Enrichment is so important for them, as it provides opportunities to use their natural instincts and behaviours, overcome fears and learn to trust humans. It also makes their day a lot more interesting.  


d How to talk Cat  

Love cats but find them mysterious? This class will help you to understand how cats see the world, and the many ways in which they communicate with us and each other. You will learn some cat friendly ways of introducing yourself, then spend some time with our shelter cats, observing their body language and practicing your new cat speak skills!  


mar Junior Marketing Program  

Do you love using social media? Do you want to learn how you can help animals through these platforms? This is the session for you! You will learn how to promote animal welfare by taking over our social media, picking and choosing what we post, writing pet bios, taking photos of the animals we have in our shelter and much more!  


pp Pocket Pets  

In our Pocket Pets workshop we will be learning about the big responsibility of owning a small animal - this may include rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, ferrets, rats or turtles. Learn all about the special care that these animals need and the individual quirks and behaviour of each animal. Our Pocket Pets workshop also includes a tour of our shelter, to visit animals great and small!  


About Our Workshops

Class descriptions, timetables and bookings will be released approximately one month before the commencement of each ACT Public School Holiday period.

Workshops are quite popular and often book out quickly. If you would like to be notified as soon as bookings become available, please email us at

Or, become a Junior SupPawter and enjoy early access to all workshop bookings (along with many other goodies!). Junior SupPawter applications can be found here.

Workshops include a shelter tour along with lots of information and hands on activities. Topics vary each school holidays but may include Enrichment, Positive Dog Training, RSPCA ACT Adoptions, Cat Behaviour, or more!

We also invite other local animal loving organisations in to present workshops from time to time; this helps children to understand the bigger picture of animal care and protection within the community. These sessions also provide an opportunity to learn about more specialized animals or areas, including reptile husbandry and basic pet first aid.

Generally, a Kids n Kritters Workshop runs for two hours, and includes:

An interactive information session Based on the chosen topic, with opportunities to ask lots of questions.
A shelter tour Depending on what animals we have, we may see kittens, dogs, turtles, rats, guinea pigs or occasionally even a pig or goat!
Hands on activities based on the session topic This can include preparing lunch for dogs, socialising with kittens, creating enrichment items for rabbits, tunnels for rats or more!
A chance to revisit any animals of interest We can show them their new toys or treats, or just spend time giving them that little bit of extra love.

Kids n Kritters Workshops are suitable for animal enthusiasts aged 7 -13. We are always keen to hear any topic suggestions as well, so if there is an area that your child is particularly interested in, please let us know!

What to Bring on the Day:

  • All participants should bring their own labelled drink bottle
  • All participants must wear appropriate clothing, including long pants, enclosed footwear, a hat and sunscreen
  • Participants staying for multiple sessions should bring a snack and lunch (nut and egg free please). RSPCA does not provide food as part of our Kids n Kritters program, but we do have facilities to refill drink bottles.

Due to current COVID restrictions we will have some altered pick up/drop off arrangements for our summer workshops. Please endeavour to arrive as close to the session start time as possible and wait outside the reception area with your child. We unfortunately will not be able to allow guardians to enter the reception building with their child at any time during the session. More specific details on our COVID drop off/pick up procedures will be provided upon booking.

Our session educator and volunteers all hold Working with Vulnerable People cards and have met RSPCA requirements to attend Kids N' Kritters. For this reason parents are welcome to wait in our waiting area for the duration of the session, however are unable to attend the session with their child. Under special circumstances, you may receive permission to attend, however you are required to hold a WWVP card and pay the participant fee in full.