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For over 2 years I have been the Behavioural Trainer at RSPCA ACT and have interacted with over 1000 animals that have come through our shelter. On some level I have adored and cared for all of those animals, but I came to love some just a little more than others.

One of those dogs was Melody.

Melody came into our care as a shadow of the dog she should have been, used as a breeding dog and then tragically thrown away. I remember looking at her broken body with so much sadness, while Melody’s big brown eyes peered back up at me with so much love.

She was underweight, covered in rashes and growths that were painful to the touch. Our vets got to work taking blood, biopsies and skin samples for testing. This mistreated and abused animal had many reasons to distrust every human she met. Despite this, she was one of the most caring and loving creatures I have ever known.

This made her results so much harder to accept. Melody had advanced, terminal cancer. There was nothing that could be done.

I was devastated but determined that if Melody was not getting her second chance, her remaining time would be the happiest of her life.


The next few weeks were a blur of new experiences for this beautiful soul. Her first bath, her first basket and the first time she had been cuddled this much! She quietly snored in her basket next to my desk and loved wandering around the shelter with me, taking in everything around her with her trademark smile that I came to adore. Despite how happy she was, we could see that she was getting very sick.

On her final day, she almost ate an entire barbeque chicken and had cuddles from all her friends. While I held her as she was being put to sleep in my lap, I lost a piece of my heart. I know though that her time at the RSPCA was truly the happiest she had ever been. I remember this fact every time I see her dog tag in our memorial tree or her grin in the photo above my desk.


91% of animals that come into our care get a second chance at leading a new life. For those that don’t get this chance, we remain committed to giving them the happiness they deserve.

Donate today to allow every animal that enters our shelter to lead their best possible life.

Close up of Melody's leg showing her skin conditions


Melody and Shari