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Michael Sassella

RSPCA ACT Board Member

Michael is a government lawyer working for the National Disability Insurance Scheme but currently on transfer to the Commonwealth Finance Department. He has been a government lawyer for most of the past 30 years with a few years out as a senior member of the Commonwealth’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal, work in a law firm and self-employment as a consultant. He has served on several other boards including that of the Street Theatre in Canberra. 

As a lecturer in the school of law at Macquarie University in Sydney Michael was faculty adviser to the student body establishing the successful Macquarie Legal Centre. He was involved in the ongoing governance of the centre and instrumental in the centre receiving government grants. 

Michael supports a number of animal welfare groups such as Animals Australia, World Animal Protection and the ACT RSPCA. He acquired Mr Bubbles, his current cat, from the RSPCA in 2013.