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Lyons Woman Given Lifetime Animal Ownership Ban

Lyons woman Nora Kalolo has been charged just $200 and a lifetime animal ownership ban after she left a dog in her care to die a slow and inhumane death in her backyard.

The small Pomeranian Cross was suffering severely from multiple organ disease and advanced stages of renal failure. Inspectors found the dog comatose, extremely thin, sunken eyed and with laboured breathing. Flies and ants were observed on the dog’s body with maggots found in its mouth.

The animal was immediately seized and taken to RSPCA ACT for veterinary consultation and had to be euthanised. Observations showed that the animal was in profound shock and had been unable or unwilling to even eat or drink for days or longer. Ms Kalolo had left the dog lying in her yard without medical intervention to starve, dehydrate and eventually die.

When asked by Senior Inspector Catherine Croatto why she hadn’t brought the animal to a vet she replied, “The dog is just an animal”.

Inspector Croatto, who rescued the dog and took it to the RSPCA ACT Vet Clinic for examination explained her dismay, “Her callous disregard for life was worse than pathetic. In court today, she again showed no remorse, no sympathy, and no care. She showed a complete disregard for the life of this animal. I don’t even think the poor little guy had a name.”

The professional opinion of the treating RSPCA ACT Veterinarian was that the dog was severely neglected and one of the worst cases they had seen. Allowing a family pet to be left to die in a back yard, covered with ants and flies, in severe multiple organ failure is beyond irresponsible.

Without the intervention of RSPCA ACT Inspectors, the death could have taken several more days as he died through dehydration or complete failure of one or more organs; all of which would have caused extreme pain and suffering.

Despite significant evidence presented before the courts, she received only a $200 fine and a lifetime ownership ban.

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange reacted to the sentencing, “Ordinarily we would be completely ecstatic for a lifetime ban to be issue by the courts. However, in this case you cannot punish someone with an animal ownership ban when they don’t want any more animals. She obviously didn’t even want this one. As Inspector Croatto pointed out to me, the owner was basically fined $1/day over the six months she has to pay the $200 fine.”