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Persian Cats and Kittens

Each month, the Inspectorate investigate hundreds of animal welfare complaints across the ACT. These investigations may result in fines, written directions with advice on how to better care for their animals being provided, or even animals being seized or surrendered. This work that we do directly links to our mission to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

Last summer, our Inspectorate received a complaint regarding the welfare of a number of cats and kittens.

Many complaints are not detailed, and our Inspectors never quite know what they will find upon arrival. In this instance, it was a shocking sight to find beautiful Persian cats confined to cages and a bathroom. The small animals were suffering and had matted coats, hair loss, cat flu and weepy eyes.

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These kittens were suffering from cat flu and eye ulcers.


With too many cats to care for the owner decided to surrender them to RSPCA ACT. In addition, we provided written direction to take the remaining cats to the vet for appropriate treatment.

As our Inspectors stepped into the house the smell of ammonia stung their senses. The floors they walked on were covered in cat hair and urine, staining the couches and carpets of the home. Litter trays were overflowing resulting in some cats toileting on the floor.

5 Kittens only 10 weeks old were left isolated to the bathroom. With only each other for company, the babies were left to fend for themselves without appropriate food and water.

The young kittens, who we later named Duchess, Fliss, Toulouse, Marie and Adelaide, were imprisoned inside a shower without hope of escape as the glass shower door was closed. The kittens were showing signs of flu with weepy eyes and sneezing. They did not have any gentle hands to provide medical treatment or care.

Our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and foster carers worked hard to ensure these beautiful cats received the veterinary treatment, grooming, clean living conditions, food, water, love and care which they desperately needed. All 7 of these Persian cats have now found their forever homes.

While this story is about the Persian cats, we currently have over 300 animals in our shelter that need our help. With your support, we can ensure these animals receive the best love and care.

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