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Fix Your Feline

This August, RSPCA ACT is again offering discounted desexing through the ‘Fix Your Feline 2.0’ program.

Running from August 2019 through to March 2020, RSPCA ACT aims to desex around 300 cats and kittens in collaboration with 8 other local veterinary clinics including:

  • Canberra Cat Vet
  • Belconnen Animal Hospital
  • Northside Veterinary Centre
  • Capital Veterinary Hospital
  • Inner South Veterinary Centre
  • Kent Street Veterinary Centre
  • Parkway Veterinary Centre
  • Kippax Veterinary Hospital

We are no longer taking registrations of interest at this time.

Please note that registering your interest does not confirm your booking for a desexing procedure. After receiving your voucher, you must get in contact with your preferred veterinary clinic to book.
If you have received your voucher and wish to change your preferred Veterinary Clinic, please call our staff on 02 6287 8100 and have your voucher number ready.


What is the program?

RSPCA ACT’s ‘Fix Your Feline 2.0’ is a program that offers participants a unique discount voucher that can be taken to a participating clinic for $80 off your cats desexing procedure.

Please Note: That cost of your cats desexing procedure will be dependent on your selected Veterinary Clinic. For more information on specific costs please contact participating clinics below.

RSPCA ACT – 6287 8100
Canberra Cat Vet – 6251 1444
Belconnen Animal Hospital – 6254 2122
Northside Veterinary Centre – 6182 0111
Capital Veterinary Hospital – 6282 5522
Inner South Veterinary Centre – 6295 0770
Kent Street Veterinary Centre – 6281 5199
Parkway Veterinary Centre – 6231 5129
Kippax Vet – 6255 1242

When is the program running?

The program is running during the months of August 2019 to March 2020.

Why should I desex my feline?

Cats can become sexually mature at 4 months of age, and in order to prevent unwanted litters it is vital that cats are desexed.

Not only does desexing reduce the amount of cats coming into our Shelter, it is also good for their health. Research shows that desexed animals can live longer and are less likely to get certain illnesses and diseases.

Desexing your beloved pet isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the law. The Domestic Animals Act 2000 states that it is an offence in the ACT to own an undesexed cat over 3 months of age without a permit.

How do I take part?

Simply register your interest via our online form and select your preferred Veterinary Clinic. Within 2 business days a staff member from RSPCA ACT will get in contact with your unique discount voucher which you can take to your preferred Veterinary Clinic.

Once you have received your discount voucher, get in touch with your chosen clinic to book in for your desexing procedure.

Will you be desexing male and female cats?

Male and female felines from 10 weeks of age are eligible to take part in the Fix Your Feline 2.0 program.

Can I use Centrepay for my cats procedure?

VetPay & Centrepay are available in assisting with the prepayment of your desexing costs as a regular deduction from your Centrelink payments/bank account. If you are eligible for financial assistance for the costs of your booking, please get in contact with our PAC staff by filling out our online form here, and we will get back in touch to help set up your preferred payment method.

Is juvenile desexing safe?

Yes. In fact, it makes the recovery process easier!

The RSPCA practises early age desexing from the age of eight weeks when they surgery is simple and recovery is rapid. Desexing, prior to sexual maturity, is an effective strategy for reducing the number of unwanted animals in the community and ensuring compliance with desexing requirements.

Will my cat receive pain relief?

Yes, all cats will receive pain relief and are monitored by our veterinary clinic staff through all processes of the procedure and recovery.

Why can’t I get my cat desexed for free?

Unfortunately, we are not in the position to offer a more significant discount or free desexing like our previous campaigns. Frisky Tom was made possible by a 3-year financial grant that ended in June 2018.

While we understand that the discount voucher may still not be enough to help with making the cost of desexing easier, we do offer payment plans such as Centrepay & VetPay.

Is the program offered for other types of animals?

This program is only available for Feline pets from the age of 10 weeks old. Our public desexing clinic is still open to dog owners, for more information please visit our desexing clinic page here.