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We need urgent help!

Can you help us replace the flooring in our kennels whelping area?

One of our goals at RSPCA ACT is to ensure that all our animals receive the best care possible. With so many different animals in our care each day, it’s critical that we keep the shelter clean and free from germs and diseases.

Our whelping kennels - where pregnant dogs, dogs with young pups and pups without a mum spend their days are desperately in need of an upgrade. While our team do an amazing job keeping the kennels clean, sanitised and maintained, the current concrete floors need replacing.

To provide the best, safest and highest care, we want to replace the floors with vinyl flooring. Vinyl doesn’t hold onto germs and contaminants, allowing us to more easily clean and maintain the these kennels.

With a cost of approximately $10,000, we need your help to pay for vinyl flooring in the whelping kennels. You’ll be helping us ensure puppies and their mums have the best start in life.

If you can, please donate below to help us purchase the flooring and keep our puppies safe.

If we reach our target of $10,000, any additional funds will help care for the hundreds of animals that come into our care each month.