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Tammy Ven Dange

Chief Executive Officer

Tammy has had a varied and adventurous career that has taken her across four continents. She has worked for NASA, been an US Air Force officer and spent 15 months as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa. She has worked for global companies (Capgemini), as well as Australian-owned businesses (Plaut IT). She owned three companies herself and helped found two not-for-profits. Tammy has also been on the board for five other not-for-profit organisations, including serving as president for two of them.

Tammy has a Bachelors Degree in Business from Northern Arizona University and a MBA from Cornell University, an Ivy League School in New York. Her areas of speciality include strategic planning, raising revenue, operational improvement and in leading teams towards big goals.

As a young teenager she worked for an animal clinic in a small town in eastern New Mexico, USA. It was the only public veterinarian clinic in the community and not only dealt with domestic animals, but livestock and wildlife. She learned a lot in this role especially about the true meaning of hard work, dedication (often without a lot recognition), and the joy of working with animals. Although her career followed a different path, she has not lost her passion for animal welfare, and has been the CEO of RSPCA ACT since February 2014.