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Project Home

The RSPCA is the leading authority in animal care and protection. With the help of our community we enforce animal cruelty laws, we prompt new legislation where required, we operate animal care and adoption facilities, we raise community awareness regarding the humane treatment of animals and we work with government and industry to establish standards for animal care.

In the 2017-18 Financial Year RSPCA ACT saw 3302 animals come into our care including dogs, cats, chickens, horses, livestock and other wildlife.

We had a 91.13% rehoming rate across all species and during these 12 months we also:

  • microchipped 1514 animals,
  • performed 2250 surgeries,
  • investigated 988 animal cruelty and welfare complaints,
  • successfully prosecuted 12 individuals,
  • seized 84 animals.

This is a big challenge, and the numbers are bigger. But rest assured, RSPCA ACT stands ready to meet the demanding workload with the help and support of the local Canberra Community. Canberra locals can be proud in the knowledge that the Shelter has an extraordinary team of staff and volunteers that ensure we locally have some of the best animal welfare statistics in the country.

Pet Adoption Centre and Vet Clinic


But there’s a problem at RSPCA ACT and we need your help…


Most buildings at the Shelter are over 45 years old. The most recent permanent building is the Pet Adoption Centre which doubles as the main entry and retail area which was rebuilt in 2004 after the 2003 bushfires.

Our Shelter currently is hosts a Pet Adoption Centre (Reception & Retail), Cattery, Kennels, Training Yards, Large Bird Aviaries, Rabbit Enclosures, Inspectorate, Administration Building and Veterinary Clinic.

Our operational requirements have changed, we’ve experienced an increase in volume and species of animals as well as identified a need to expand our commercial services that will help fund the RSPCA’s mission related work.

To successfully continue our mission and keep animal welfare at the forefront we must modernise our current facilities. This will ensure animals (and their humans) requiring the RSPCA’s services are humanely cared for.

We have initiated Project Home, to deliver new facilities at Weston Creek within the next five years.

Kennels and Cattery


Can you become a Project Home partner?


RSPCA ACT is seeking innovative partnership approaches to bring together the RSPCA, Government, Corporate partners at the ACT community to realise its mission and vision.

People are more aware of the impact their buying has. Your contribution is not just a donation, it is an investment in the community, a tool to boost staff engagement and workplace culture, and will add bottom line value.

Corporate partnerships with organisations such as the RSPCA are becoming a way for businesses to engage with the community sector, stakeholders and consumers.

If you are interested in exploring partnership opportunities, please get in touch