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Latest News

A Second Chance

Presto had a second chance

When Presto first came into the Shelter, he was underweight, frantic and had obviously little training or socialisation with other animals or even people. As a result he failed his first behaviour assessment due to dog aggression. In many places that would have been the end for Presto, but not at RSPCA ACT.

Choose Food Wisely

Choose Wisely

The other day I was sitting next to a Melbournite at a conference in the Canberra Convention Centre. Somehow we started talking about food, and I mentioned the number of amazing local restaurants we have in Canberra. He laughed at me in complete disbelief. Apparently, the evolution of Canberra’s food scene over the last few years is still one of our best-kept secrets.

Animal Welfare Changes Passed in ACT Legislative Assembly

RSPCA ACT would like to congratulate the ACT Legislative Assembly for changes made to the Animal Welfare in the ACT.

Today political parties put aside their differences and came together to prove that the welfare of animals is of paramount importance in the ACT. A unanimous vote for the Animal Welfare Amendment Act 2016 has passed, with RSPCA ACT amongst the organisations that were approached to provide consultation on the changes.

Events Calendar

The 5 Freedoms Challenge

5th - 10th Jun 2016

Join the challenge and help us give animals the freedoms they deserve. Challenge yourself to give up one of your own freedoms for 5 days. A freedom could be your car, mobile phone or all desserts. The challenge is up to you!

Why the challenge?

RSPCA ACT believes that the welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state, and that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being. Each animal deserves;

Canberra's Next Top Pet

22nd Oct 2016

The competition to see who will become Canberra’s Next Top Pet is back for season 3! Think your pet has what it takes to become Canberra's Next Top Pet? Join us on the runway for a competition of brains, beauty, talent, and personality. Vie for the title of Canberra’s Next Top Pet and be in the running to win some fantastic prizes! Registrations open Friday 19 August.

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