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  • Viewing of Animals - Daily: 10am - 4pm      
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We are very fortunate that many people think of RSPCA ACT at this time of year.  While monetary donations are always the most useful gift you can give to us, we know that sometimes our supporters would rather give us something more tangible.  So, we asked our staff to put together a holiday wish list that would make it nicer and easier for the staff and animals here at the shelter. 

This is what they asked for: (By the way, many of these items can be second hand.) If you can donate any of the items below let us know via email -

Vet Clinic Surgical Equipment

Cat carriers and cat crates

Astro turf for one of the dog training yards

Enclosed outdoor dog runs(to help with fence-jumping dogs)

2 light weight, sit-on-top kayaks to assist with animal water rescues by our inspectors

Small video camera and tripod for filming canine assessments

Plastic children’s play equipment e.g. climbing castles and tunnels for the dogs

Storage cabinets of various sizes

Kongs/food puzzles for the dogs (better yet, buy it at RSPCA ACT’s retail shop and double your donation impact to the Shelter)

Non-fabric lobby chairs that are joined together (2 x set of four)

SLR camera to take photos for adoption profiles in the cattery

Portable shelving units for our reception area

Medium size fish tanks

Timothy hay

Carpet offcuts to be used as scratching pads for the cats 

Steam cleaner for cattery Thank you Pearl!

TV for the waiting room – to put video/pictures of the shelter facilities/animals for adoption/patients of the vet clinic Thank you Alison!

Desk – we are missing a leg on the desk in one in a manager’s office Thank you Cre8ive!

Ear infrared thermometers for vet clinic Thank you Pearl!

A microwave for the vet clinic  Thank you Alison!

We appreciate all donations however we do not need blankets, sheets or pet food.