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While no one likes a bully, the RSPCA’s across Australia say it’s time to give the canine version a second chance. This financial year alone RSPCA ACT has seen 621 dogs & puppies come into the care of our Weston Shelter, with 231 of these dogs belonging to the ‘bully’ breeds.

The unfortunate reality for these loveabull pups is that they are often the ones who wait the longest at our Shelter for a new home. Just like Angel and Sassy, who have each been patiently waiting at our Shelter for over 300 days.

From April 15 to 28, we want to help our ‘bully’ breeds find loving homes and break the negative perceptions that surround them due to their looks. We consider these animals to be irresistibull, adorabull, hugabull and believe they truly can make great family pets.

All animals adopted will have had their mandatory desexing, microchipping, vaccinations and behavioural assessments completed by our Shelter staff. Normal adoption procedures will apply, including one-on-one interviews with staff to ensure that needs of the animals are suitable with potential new owners.

Adoption price of $199 is available for select Adult ‘bull’ breed dogs including Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers and Bull Mixes! Visit profiles for more information on specific animals.

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