Opening Hours

Animal Viewing Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 3pm

General Hours: 
Most Days: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays:  10am - 5pm
CLOSED: Sundays and Public Holidays

Our Shelter will be closed to the public the first Wednesday of each month.

Monthly Donation

In the last 2 years, we’ve helped:

  • 263 animals whose families were experiencing homelessness, mental health challenges, hospitalisation, or domestic violence to access our safe, emergency boarding for free.
  • Homed and reunited 3,910 cats, dogs, pocket pets and other animals.
  • Provided 4,019 Veterinary surgeries.
  • And, in the last year alone, our Inspectors issued 3 Penalty Notices, issued 12 Written Directions to ensure good animal welfare and brought 3 matters to the court with 14 charges being laid for animal cruelty offences.



Become a regular monthly donor and help rescue, care for, protect and rehome the thousands of vulnerable animals we see each year. Animals that have been seized, surrendered or strays that require medical treatment, urgent care, socialisation and forever homes.

Our regular donors are vital to us. With monthly gifts we can plan in advance and help more animals in desperate need. Every dollar is spent carefully to maximise the benefit they provide to animals in care.

With your support, we can provide animals in need with shelter, care and love for as long as it takes to find their forever homes. Together, we can transform their lives.



Please don’t delay, donate monthly today:

  • You decide how much you can give.
  • Your donations will be set up automatically and processed each monthly securely. You can relax knowing your donations are making a real difference every day to the animals in our care.
  • If your circumstances change, your donation can be easily paused, stopped or amended at any time.

As a vital member of the team, you will receive:

  • RSPCA ACT Welcome Pack.
  • Regular email updates on the impact your donation is making.
  • Special invitations to RSPCA ACT events.
  • Biannual Newsletter.
  • End of financial year receipt sent each July.

How to donate:

  • Select your monthly donation amount below.
  • Complete your details.
  • Select ‘Monthly Donation’ and complete.


If you would prefer to donate via direct debit, please email for more information.

If you are living in NSW, please click here to set up a regular donation here.