Opening Hours

Animal Viewing Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm

General Hours: 
Most Days: 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays:  10am - 5pm
CLOSED: Sundays and Public Holidays

Gifts in Wills

When you leave a gift in your will to RSPCA ACT, large or small, you are allowing us to continue the mission that drives us every day:
“The prevention of cruelty to animals in the ACT.”

Members of our generous donor community have increasingly been making the decision to leave a financial gift for RSPCA ACT in their will. Donations such as these are crucial to our ability to keeping the shelter open and continuing to help all animals that come into our care.

One of the supporters who made this decision is Pam, a volunteer and long-term supporter of the RSPCA. Volunteering at the shelter has provided her with a fantastic insight into what the staff do to ensure that every animal that passes through the shelter is given the very best care. This attention and passion for the animals in our care was a core motivator in her decision to leave money to RSPCA ACT.

When she was asked what her favourite thing about RSPCA ACT was she responded “…I like the way you can win animals confidence back and restore their faith in human nature. You give them every last chance to be able to be put up for adoption.”

Pam’s financial gift allows the RSPCA ACT to guarantee the short-term care and health of the animals that we are responsible for. These gifts also provide us with an opportunity to improve our resources or facilities, further improving the care that we give to every animal that comes into the shelter.


Leaving a Gift

To ensure that your bequest actually helps the animals in the greater Canberra community, please ensure that it is directed to:

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ACT) Inc. 

(ABN 35 730 738 037)

Many people do not realise that each RSPCA member society in Australia (as divided by state and territory) is financially independent from each other. What this means locally is that RSPCA ACT gets all its support from the greater Canberra community with only 15% of our budget coming from the government.

We couldn’t continue to protect, heal and rehome animals in need without your help.

For further information, please contact us on 02 6287 8131 or email

Please send any bequest letters to:

Bequest Officer
PO Box 3082
Weston Creek ACT 2611