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We anticipate over 580 homeless, neglected, abused or unwanted animals will call the RSPCA ACT shelter home this winter. Animals just like Bowie.

Just three months ago Bowie came to RSPCA ACT. Found at a rural property emaciated and covered in bleeding pressure sores, Bowie approached our Inspectors on arrival with an empty food bowl in his mouth and cried out to them.

Bowie was seized immediately and brought to the shelter for appropriate medical care. His eyes were sunken in his skull, his front legs showed signs of injury, and his dull coat was coarse and sparse.


On arrival Bowie weighed only 16.9 kg with a body condition score of just 1 out of 9. And for nearly two weeks the pressure sores on his hips remained open and bleeding.

Bowie’s left middle distal digit had significant swelling and as he stood on his front legs, they were hyper-extended – his joints extending more than their normal limit. Bowie was given pain relief to ensure he was comfortable and x-rays were scheduled to check for any further concerns.

Bowie’s x-rays unfortunately showed growing bony change, affecting his joints and bones in his forelimbs. His swollen left digit was dislocated. Concerned that Bowie may have been suffering from cancer, two skin biopsies were taken to determine the extent of Bowie’s condition.


After waiting two weeks for results we were given the all clear. The bony change in Bowie’s limbs was thankfully not cancer and was most likely due to a previous injury that never had the chance to fully heal.

Right now, Bowie continues to rehabilitate in our care. After three months in care Bowie is now available for adoption.

We do everything we can for animals in need. When the phone rings we don’t know what situation the animal will be in, but we know we need to be ready to respond.

But we need your help. If you can, please donate before June 30th. Your generous gift could mean the world of difference for animals like Bowie in the ACT.