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Moo’s heart wrenching story of pain and resilience is a truly moving insight into some of the lifesaving work our veterinary team perform at the Weston Creek Shelter every day. Her story touched many of those she met and made her a shelter favourite among the staff and volunteers.

Moo came into our care in October last year as a stray, afraid and confused of what was happening to her. As she was led through the Shelter for the first time, it was not her sweet and inviting face you noticed but instead the tennis ball sized growth, covered in flies, swinging wildly from her leg and a bulging lump on her belly. The graphic nature of these ailments was difficult to look at with the knowledge of how much pain poor Moo must have been in.

Moo's growth was 10cm in diameter

Our vets knew they had to act quickly if they were to save her life.

During a routine desexing operation our vets discovered the inconspicuous lump on her belly was in fact a life-threatening hernia. This was forcing her organs to be pressed against her skin, causing the lump. Following this discovery, Moo underwent a number of invasive surgeries to treat the hernia and remove the worrying growth from her leg.

As we nervously waited for the biopsy results from her growth we came to get know and love this sweet dog for the gentle soul she was. This only made waiting harder as we knew these results could confirm our worst fears.

The results were in. It was cancer. Luckily, we caught it in time to save her life. There was a palpable sigh of relief around the Shelter.

Moo remained under the supervision of our veterinary team until she had fully recovered. This was just the beginning of her next challenge, finding her forever home. As other animals from around the Shelter came and went, we began to wonder, when would Moo get her chance at the happiness she deserved.

Thankfully this all changed one happy day and we were able to smile as Moo left our care to go to the home she had always deserved. The meticulous and passionate work of our veterinary team every day allows dogs like Moo to get their second chance at happiness. This however is only made possible due to the generosity of the Canberra Community. With your help, we hope every animal in our care will have the same happy ending.