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Kangaroos, Wallabies Or Wallaroos

Most adult kangaroos or wallabies that are found are injured due to a vehicle strike.

To report any injured kangaroos, accidents involving kangaroos or carcasses on road sides you should contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81. Be sure to explain whether the animal is dead or alive, and its exact location.

Be very careful near an injured adult, they can be very frightened and have powerful legs which can kick and seriously injure you.

If there is a joey at foot or in the pouch, wrap it in cloth (whatever you have with you, even if it is up your jumper) to keep it warm and secure.

Joeys, depending on the time of year and their level of development, can survive in their dead mother's pouch for up to three days. If they are attached to the mother's teat under no circumstances should any force be used to remove them.  In this instance they should be taken, inside their mother, to RSPCA ACT for specialist handling. If you find a joey that feels extremely cold and seems lethargic, wrap it and place near body heat if practicable - inside someone's shirt or jumper is best. Do not try and warm rapidly with hot water bottles as shock can kill quickly. Any cold orphaned joey should be taken as soon as possible to RSPCA ACT, or to any vet clinic.

Never feed cow's milk to any marsupial joey - it causes blindness. 

For information concerning injured adult kangaroos and carcasses on road sides you should contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81, or visit their website.