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RSPCA ACT seeking owners of kitten with ruptured eye

RSPCA ACT is seeking the owner of a young kitten that was brought into the RSPCA ACT Shelter after being found by good Samaritans at a Fyshwick service station.

The kitten will need surgery to remove the eye and scar tissue that was likely caused by either a serious injury, infection or ulcer. As a result, the eye has died.

The RSPCA ACT veterinary staff have affectionately referred to her as Turtle until we discover her true identity and has been impressed with her tenacious spirit. Turtle is a little trooper and hasn’t let the situation stop her demanding and enjoying head scratches, cuddles, treats and play time.

It’s thanks to the support of the Canberra community that we can heal, rehabilitate and rehome animals, “We believe that every life is precious and will do everything we can to help the animals that come through our doors. From performing surgeries such as Turtle’s to socialising kittens and rehoming animals from our Inspectorate, it’s just not possible to do all this on our own.

We can’t wait to find her people and perform the surgery that will make her happy, comfortable, and ready to enjoy the wonderful life we know she has ahead of her.” said RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson.

Already, RSPCA ACT Inspectors have had 14 jobs come through to be investigated in the first three days of December and don’t anticipate the calls to slow down.

Ms Robertson acknowledges that this may be a difficult time of year for animals, “This festive season we ask that people help us care for animals in need by becoming Guardian Angels. We expect to see more than 800 animals come into our care, each requiring specialised care and attention. This is why we need the help of RSPCA Guardian Angels.

By donating and becoming a Guardian Angel, you are watching over a specific animal in our care that needs your help. You will be helping to provide them with the love that they deserve, and the hope that, one day, they will find a family where they can feel that love every day.”

You can become an RSPCA ACT Guardian Angel and look over animals at the Shelter. Visit