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Saturdays: 9am - 4pm

Pets of the Week


Dolly is looking for a Fur'ever friend
Click Dolly's picture to visit her​​​​​ Adopt A Pet profile


Dolly is an extremely sweet girl who loves pretty much everyone she meets. Dolly loves her daily walks and really enjoys playing with toys. She particularly likes squeaky toys - but Dolly won't let them squeak for long! Dolly also seems to prefer pats to food. Dolly hasn't had a lot of experience with other dogs so careful introductions will be needed. A daily walk and some games will keep her happy and healthy! We recommend Dolly for a family with children 10 years and older. Please remember that all interactions between children and dogs/pups should be monitored. The adoption fee for Dolly is $395.00 which helps to cover the cost of her mandatory de-sexing, vaccinations, microchip and a lot of care from the RSPCA crew. Who says you can't buy love?! Visit our shelter at 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston.


Todd is looking for his fur-ever home
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Hello, my name is Todd! I came in to the shelter as a scared stray and no one has come in to reclaim me. It didn't me long at all to settle in, and I made my requirements for my new home pretty clear! I am a lovely boy, who purrs and rubs and rolls and is super playful (can't lose with a laser pointer, it's my favourite!). I made it obvious that I dislike cats here, so am looking for an indoor only, pet free home to live in. I love the idea of a cat run, but this is not a requirement of my adoption. I don't like to be handled very much, and loud noises do stress me out so I am looking for a home with no young children, though sensible teenagers should be okay! The staff here think I am a really nice cat, so if you are suitable I would definitely want to meet you! Please come in and say hi! Visit our shelter at 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston.