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Pets of the Week


Clark is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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Clark is an Australian Red Cattle Dog, which means he is essentially a national emblem. His beautifully speckled rusty red coloured coat is unmistakable. Clark is a beautiful example of this iconic breed. He is very friendly and playful and, as with most working breeds, very active.

Clark’s ideal owner would be someone who leads an active lifestyle. He’ll be your number one companion for walks, runs, hiking and biking. This breed became very popular following the 2011 film Red Dog. However, it is important to remember that while they make great pets, working dogs were bred to work and, therefore, need lots of stimulation. If they do not receive enough exercise working breeds will become destructive, so if you value your garden, you’d better get your sneakers on!

Fortunately, Clark is easy to engage in a game as he absolutely loves toys and will play for hours with his favourites. He is especially partial to chasing a tennis ball. He has shown at the shelter that he is friendly with other dogs but doesn’t enjoy them getting in his face too much. If he does go on a playdate with another dog, we’d recommend an older respectful companion. Clark has a gentle temperament with people and would be good with kids aged 10 years and over.


Philip is looking for his fur-ever home
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Don’t let his stank face fool you, Phillip is a total sweetie! Phillip is a rescued stray cat who suffered an eye injury while living on the streets. It has now been treated and he is healthy and ready to go, but it has left his face with a constant look as though he’s cocking an eyebrow and squinting at you.

Phillip is a lovely middle-aged gentleman looking for a place to call home! Phillip might take a little time to get to know you, but once he does, he loves to come over for a chin scratch.

Coming in as a stray, Phillip was nervous and took a while to settle in, but now he’s ready to find a comfortable home he can relax in. On his travels, Phillip contracted FIV, so he cannot live with any other cats. To avoid him spreading the disease, he would be best suited to living indoors. However, it is easily treated and will not lower his quality of life. Phillip is a lovely boy, waiting for his new family to come and find him!