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Pets of the Week


Homer is looking for a Fur'ever friend
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You may have seen Homer as our pet of the week previously, but a lot has changed for this guy in the recent weeks. When lockdown began one of our incredible foster carers was concerned about how Homer would go at the shelter without seeing as many people as he was used to, so they took him into foster in their house. We were unsure how Homer would go outside of the shelter environment as he had come in as a stray. But we’re happy to say that he adjusted wonderfully! His foster carer said “Homer continues to delight! He is very gentle (apart from occasional zoomies and loving boy who wants nothing more than to be with his ‘person’.”

We couldn’t be happier with the progress that Homer has made, and it just goes to show what’s possible with dedication and love. Now the last step for Homer is a forever home!

According to his foster carer Homer loves his evening and afternoon walks and trots alongside you “beautifully” on the lead. He can sometimes forget his size and will climb into your lap, so prepare for some serious cuddles. Otherwise, he’s happy to sit quietly usually “with a paw on the knee, or his head in your lap.”
Homer has been waiting patiently for over 250 days now for his forever family. A beautiful dog with so much to give, he is best summed up by his foster carer as “a wonderful companion as both an exercise buddy and company on the couch.”

Georgie and Woody

Georgie and Woody is looking for their fur-ever home
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You'll probably recognise Georgie and Woody. We thought you might be interested in some more info about these gorgeous galahs!

Did you know that Galahs in the wild will live to be nearly 20, but domesticated Galahs have been known to live to almost 80?! That's why this beautiful pair are going to need an owner that knows where they're going to be for a while. The two are used to living in an outdoor aviary, but once they get comfortable with you we think they'd enjoy a bit of inside time. Especially for Woody who has an injured wing. He is not in pain, but it means he can't fly, so he needs lots of perches and interesting things to clamber about on. The two of them are excellent climbers, and it's fascinating watching them climb around their aviary using their feet and beaks, they'd make excellent professional boulderers!

Georgie is a bit more mature at 30 years old, whilst Woody is a rambunctious 20 year old. Georgie would often chill in the background when meeting new strangers and let Woody do the talking. Perhaps it's the change in environment, but we've noticed Georgie being much more interactive with people she meets for the first time. We're so looking forward to seeing these lovely birds grow even further in a loving forever home!