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The ACT Magistrate Court has sentenced a woman to a 12-month good behaviour order

The ACT Magistrate Court has sentenced a woman to a 12-month good behaviour order and a two-year animal ban. This follows charges, and a subsequent guilty plea, of aggravated cruelty causing the animal's death.

RSPCA ACT Inspectors commenced investigations into the report of a deceased dog in June 2021. Investigations revealed that the defendant provided minimal food to the German Shepard dog named Lucy, which was gifted to her.

***Trigger Warning***

Lucy became so malnourished that her skeletal features were visible, and her condition deteriorated to such an extent that she passed away.

Our Inspectors found Lucy wrapped in a sheet in the backyard where she was placed by the defendant to decompose.

RSPCA ACT sought a conviction of aggravated cruelty with a ten-year animal ban imposed.

The court considered the historical diagnosis, complex history of trauma, depression and anxiety which factored heavily when sentencing was passed down.

Michelle Robertson, CEO, appeals to animal owners who are not able to adequately care for their pets or whom are in crisis to get in touch with RSPCA ACT. She calls on these owners to urgently surrender or rehome their animals thereby ensuring that they can be provided with the love and care they deserve.

Warrick Dunstan, Chief Inspector, encourages anyone who is aware of situations of animal abuse, cruelty or neglect to raise an animal cruelty complaint via the RSPCA ACT website. Warrick also thanks everyone who has brought complaints to our attention as it enabled RSPCA ACT to take appropriate action.


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