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RSPCA ACT Congratulates NSW Government for Greyhound Racing Ban

RSPCA ACT wishes to congratulate the NSW Government for passing legislation late last night with a 49 to 30 vote to ban greyhound racing in NSW.

While the ACT Government was unable to prepare similar legislation prior to the coming caretaker period, there is no doubt that the NSW decision will impact the greyhound racing industry in the ACT.

RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange stated, "With the new legislation prohibiting racing and training in NSW, we believe that this will have a considerable impact on greyhound racing in the ACT as our estimates believe that about 93% of all participants are indeed NSW residents."

Since the ban was announced last month, RSPCA ACT has been working with the ACT Government, local rescue groups and other supporter organisations to prepare for the coming influx of greyhounds that will need new homes by the time that the ban begins next July. The biggest constraint is kennel space.

Ms Ven Dange stated, “We only have space for 45 adult dogs at the Shelter, and we are usually at capacity with the number of dogs brought in by our Inspectors.  However, we know many local trainers would want to keep their dogs as pets regardless of what happens to the industry. Having said that, we are doing our best to make room for surrendered greyhounds with priority given to ACT based dogs first. In fact, yesterday we took in two greyhounds.”

Moving forward RSPCA ACT will also work with the NSW Government Taskforce as an “approved agency” to try to rehome NSW greyhounds after they have gone through their assessment process.. We appreciate the challenge to rehome so many dogs at once is beyond difficult, but we’ll do what we can to help NSW based greyhounds with the support of the Canberra community.”

If you are interested in becoming a greyhound foster carer or adopting a greyhound, please let us know your interest at