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Hop Into Spring and Celebrate ‘New Beginnings’ With Half Price Adult Adoptions At RSPCA ACT

Spring is in the air and RSPCA ACT is looking forward to warm weather and new opportunities. To celebrate, we’re offering half price adoptions for ALL adult animals as part of our ‘New Beginnings’ promotion! The ‘New Beginnings’ price promotion will begin the first day of Spring and conclude on the 10 th September 2016. What better way to celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of the year, than by adopting a new addition to your home? Give an animal a second chance and the possibility of a ‘New Beginning’ with your family. All adult animals will have their adoption prices reduced by half

Why We Rehome ‘Imperfect’ Pets

I’m often asked what the best type of pet is. The answer is easy: A rescued one! However, when I say ‘best’ I do not mean perfect. I once had a government official (who is no longer working in government) tell me that perhaps our financial challenges were related to the fact that we were “selling the wrong kind of product.” She meant that if we only rehomed the perfect pure bred animals that were in high demand we wouldn’t have problems adopting them out; and therefore would have plenty of money as a result. She obviously did not understand our mission at all! Every day dozens of animals come
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